YRA-Year Round Athlete Teaching how to prepare for an at-bat while on deck.






What to do “on deck” during the game: 

On deck means you are the next hitter in line to bat.  The on deck “circle” is usually located in-between home plate and dugout close to the fence near the dugout.


1.        Be mentally and physically prepared

A.       Focus on your mechanics.   Have good posture and work on: 

§   your timing

§   weight transfer

§   hip & shoulder turn

§   hand path to the ball

B.       Tune out parents and fans in the stands and focus on the game.  Parents, do not try to coach the ball players during the game.  That is the coaches job.

C.        Anticipate your role at the plate.  Think about possible situations you may be asked to accomplish by your coach.

§   take

§   bunt

§   hit and run

§   relax and trust yourself

2.        Have your equipment on and be ready to hit. 

A.       Bat, Helmet, batting gloves, Elbow and shin guards.

3.        Stretch and take a few swings to get loose. 

A.       Stretch your legs, swing your arms, body twist

B.       Make sure your body is warmed up to allow for peak performance.

4.        Study the pitcher. Watch his release point and the types of pitches the pitcher throws, fastball, curveball, change up.


5.        Take game swings