YRAYear Round Athlete  Who are you as a hitter?  Know your tools and hitting style.




1.       Understand the tools you have as a hitter. 

A.      Do you hit with Power?

B.      Do you have foot speed?

C.      Do you have quick hands?

D.      Can you bunt?

E.       Can you bunt for hits?

F.       Do you have a Good eye?

G.      Can you recognize balls and strikes? 

H.      Can you recognize different types of pitches?


Knowing your tools helps you understand who you are as a hitter.


  1.  Identify your hitting style

A.      Power Hitter- hits a lot of homeruns and sometimes strike out more than others

B.      Gap to Gap Hitter- hit the ball to all fields, has some power, with occasion home runs

C.      Pull hitter-   hits the ball to the same side of the field as the side of the plate they are standing on

D.      Opposite Field Hitter-  hits the ball to the opposite side of the field from the side of the plate they are standing on.

E.       Contact hitter:   hits the ball to all fields and puts the ball in play on a regular basis, does not strike out often.  Does not try to hit homeruns.  More likely to bunt for hits

F.       Switch hitter- capable of batting left-handed and right-handed